I have to apologize for this... - Instant Influencer
James Charles
This week on Instant Influencer, the competition gets real when our artists have to apologize for a scandal. 😭 I also invited some of my favorite HRsoftsrs for a collab challenge. How will these aspiring artists match up with some of the biggest names in beauty?
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  • breana lane
    breana lane

    i really dont like james' acting it feel like hes trying to hard

  • Victoria DePasca
    Victoria DePasca

    Black lives matter 🖤🤍

  • Carlos Moreno
    Carlos Moreno

    Benny was trying to hard to funny... which he was not.... and you can tell bretman was not having it... he was like “your such and annoying unfunny bitch”... you can tell by his expression

  • its vea
    its vea

    kailin and ashley look like best friends bc i love how they act around each other and benny is kind of annoying to the point it’s like leave

  • Sydney Johnson
    Sydney Johnson


  • Lauren Hager
    Lauren Hager

    Is it just me or is Benny just the cutest in that shirt!

  • Zurai Mygura
    Zurai Mygura

    Yees I am 3 weeks early ( Not that that’s good ) LOL

  • Faezeh _ds
    Faezeh _ds

    This show is like a modern slavery

  • Peyton M
    Peyton M

    Ashley and Nikita’s video was good until the end 😂 lol

  • Vex yt
    Vex yt

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="446">7:26</a> Luie has join the chat

  • ShortHead

    I really want Ashley to win

  • Joanne Law
    Joanne Law

    You are so good at acting Love it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sam W2
    Sam W2

    Who tf gave this man a tv show

  • Faith Deng
    Faith Deng

    How you going with you to call me on the newly married to my email is strictly confidential to be a house wife and your entire family sweet 💔❤️❤️🙏🙏💓

  • Gabi Rockey
    Gabi Rockey

    Gabriel looks so happy when he was going home 😂

  • second account hannah
    second account hannah

    i would like to be best friends with ashley


    I love bretman

  • Gabi Rockey
    Gabi Rockey

    Around about <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> when kailin said omg and like lay her head down on e table you could see her extensions

  • Agustina Gonzalez
    Agustina Gonzalez

    Novina's resting bitch face is everything

  • roblox_ minecraft108
    roblox_ minecraft108

    damn gabriel rly did the snake challenge at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a> lmaooo

  • roblox_ minecraft108
    roblox_ minecraft108

    CAN WE JUST TAKE THE TIME TO APPRECIATE HOW UNPROBLEMATIC AND POSITIVE GABRIEL IS!?!?! WHAT A SWEETHEART! like when he was eliminated, he was smiling and realized that he could have done better!!! love him SO much.

    • Savannah Jane
      Savannah Jane

      I read this comment before it said who got eliminated 😭😭😭

  • Kelsey Lynn Campbell
    Kelsey Lynn Campbell

    Benny needs a award for ruining his makeup and James needs a award for that expression

  • Arleth Navarro 2
    Arleth Navarro 2


  • EdEn

    Benny’s video was just cringy because he was putting on a persona to feel « funny » but it didn’t came out well. Even Bretman looks annoyed when he was doing to much and at the judges time Bretman was acting embarrased in front of the judges because HONESTLY he knew it was kinda cringy and not funny. I love how at the end he say « THAT was really good » lmao

  • Amaryial Williams
    Amaryial Williams

    didnt know james was such a good actor

  • Bella Jenk
    Bella Jenk

    I think I just sitster pooped my pants

  • Aleesha ahmed xoxo
    Aleesha ahmed xoxo

    Hi sister

  • Brenna Mai
    Brenna Mai

    How old is benny I think he looks like a 14 year old in a goood way

  • oh.my.haylie

    I love nyma, but the entire time they were filming she looked so upset or like she was doubting gabriel, which threw me off a bit.

  • Jess lily
    Jess lily

    Nyma is like so nice and patient like she is just amazing

  • Angel Morris
    Angel Morris

    I want Kailin’s jaaaaaaaaacckkeeeeeeett

  • Hannah Jameson
    Hannah Jameson

    when bretman walked in i nearly fell off my damn chair i-

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    You could tell from the begginning that Ashley and Nikita were going to be a great team.

  • The Real Game Master
    The Real Game Master

    Bretman looked annoyed watching the video

  • The Real Game Master
    The Real Game Master

    I would want Nikita

  • y u i i
    y u i i

    Nikita and Ashley is literally perfect for each other. The way they’re talking made me felt like they’ve known each other for years. Pretty sure, They’ve become best friends now XD

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      ♥️🇵🇷🇵🇷 Louis

  • Ayna d
    Ayna d

    bretmans so funny lmao

  • Livv Playz
    Livv Playz

    Anyone else confused on the thumbnail?

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time

    Benny is just trying to hard to be funny.. and he only won the challenge because it was “funny” he is not being his self.. ASHLEY FOR LIFE!!!

  • Dzan Tabakovic
    Dzan Tabakovic

    I love the fact that James is sooooo nice to all of the losers at the and

  • Fantasy World
    Fantasy World

    I'm so angry on myself that I'm watching this NOW. Like the HECK THIS IS THE BEST FRIGGIN' SERIES. Edit: TYPOS

  • Amy Whitehouse
    Amy Whitehouse

    That poor poor dog in Nikita's arm. Awh :(

  • Haneen Ali
    Haneen Ali

    روعههههههه وااااااا جميل جدا هذا البرنامج

  • LeBron James Jr.
    LeBron James Jr.

    Bretman looked like he wanted to punch Benny cause he was being annoying 🙄

  • jiana aliyah
    jiana aliyah

    ashley is GORGEOUSSSSSSS😍😍😭

  • Savanna Espino
    Savanna Espino


  • E Brock
    E Brock

    Yoooooo he got Bretman lmao lucky ass

  • Sydney _
    Sydney _

    gabriel smiling and just nodding in the end scared me a lil lmao

  • AtomKaya Guevarra
    AtomKaya Guevarra

    She fab fab fab (im talking about james charles)

  • Its Kaylee
    Its Kaylee

    Me : I wonder what they used to edit the videos

  • Karelis Marrero Colon
    Karelis Marrero Colon

    ♥️🇵🇷🇵🇷 Louis

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      I liked Ashley but I didn’t like how she was judged

  • Kershey Espiña
    Kershey Espiña

    Gabriel was smiling the whole time while James was talking but I literally saw the pain in his eyes

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      “Do you wanna say hola perras or I also say estupidas as my intro” 🤣

  • Ariana Michelle
    Ariana Michelle

    james picked such subpar artists. although kailin has what it takes to be an influencer

  • プレスリーXen

    Me after realizing Benny has a bowl cut: 👁👄👁

  • hollie krikorian
    hollie krikorian

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1316">21:56</a> it's okay james.

  • Jacqueline Avant
    Jacqueline Avant

    Benny wasn’t being himself he was trying to bret

  • Kerri McVinney
    Kerri McVinney

    I really really don't like Benny's hair. I know my opinion doesn't matter because if it makes him happy then he should continue to enjoy it. I just feel like it looks like he cut it with his safety scissors you get in kindergarten. Don't come at me it's just my opinion.

  • Mina Nguyen
    Mina Nguyen

    Gabriel was such a good sport when he got eliminated he kept smiling, I feel so bad. He is so talented 😊

  • Ingabytes

    Why are none of the comments about how James Charles is literally telling them that in order to be the next best influencer you have to be disingenuous. This is so cringe.

  • Nancy The one and only
    Nancy The one and only

    Omg gabriel is so freaking nice he's literally the coolest and nicest one in instant influencer

  • Nyla Cloud
    Nyla Cloud

    Those compacts with the writing inside were SOOOO cool though!!! I want onee

  • KayLea Nash
    KayLea Nash

    Has anyone else noticed how CUTE Kalin’s outfits have been in every. single. episode!!! LOVE

  • JaelynL_ vong
    JaelynL_ vong

    Benny: the things i do hahaha

  • P W L T N
    P W L T N

    laura lee vibes...

  • AlondraCasgon

    “Do you wanna say hola perras or I also say estupidas as my intro” 🤣

  • Grace Selleck
    Grace Selleck

    I liked Ashley but I didn’t like how she was judged

  • TheFineFellows OwO
    TheFineFellows OwO


  • _EpicBaileyTheBiscut_ Reactions,Gameplays
    _EpicBaileyTheBiscut_ Reactions,Gameplays

    When they where making the colab video I was like OMG BRETMAN

  • Kristin B
    Kristin B

    My favorite episode so far! 🎬🤍🎬

  • Addison Theriault
    Addison Theriault

    i feel like benny was trying too hard

  • M357

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="645">10:45</a> Sorry Brenny but you're not funny at all.

  • FrenchFrySupreme

    I’m happy Gabriel is out,but Benny is just annoying.

  • Mitain

    just says , le soutitreur en français fais tellement un bon travail MERCIIII!!!

  • Jandrex Bitun
    Jandrex Bitun

    Hello guys👋🏼 Soo I just like to share something to you guys, so if love watching Instant Influencer for sure you love watching this series too, Just go to Netflix and search Glow Up so basically Its all about makeup and competition, and its very similar to Instant Influencer. And yeah enjoy🤩.... ++++ And watch Next In Fashion for sure you guys will love this to all of this show is in Netflix. Thank me later🥰

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      I feel bad that everyone is saying the Benny tried too hard.. 😔 He did his best! And I think he deserved to go through to the next round because I think he's talented 😊

  • Nina

    This really shows how important good editing is

  • Shibalushibalu Ga
    Shibalushibalu Ga

    The ashley and nikita tandem is iconic hahahaha

  • wei hong yang
    wei hong yang

    I love how they act so shocked 😮

  • Joseph Tellez
    Joseph Tellez

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a> his vioce cracked

  • Nayyab Dar
    Nayyab Dar


  • Madi G
    Madi G

    I think since bretman is naturally a funny and goofy, Benny tries to mock that and make him “proud”. Idk maybe that’s just me