16 Funny College Pranks and Life Hacks
Troom Troom
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Got bored in the classroom? Then you will definitely enjoy this video! Indeed, in it we have prepared for you 16 cool pranks and life hacks for college!
Supplies and tools:
• Pencil
• Utility knife
• Clear silicone tube
• Wireless headphones
• School supplies
• Cutting pliers
• Printed cheat sheet
• Ring blank
• Decorative stone
• Double sided tape
• Blackboard magnets
• Bubble wrap
• Notebook
• Candle
• Chalk
• Clear nail polish
• White chocolate
• Marshmallows
• Shredded coconut
• Garlic
• Raffaello wrapper
• Wooden coffee stirrer
• Edible glue
• Cereal
• Binder clip
• Hot glue gun
• Milk
• Bird water feeder
• Clear plastic
• White glue
• Colored pencils in a cardboard box
• Cardboard
• Printed picture of pencils
• Round cheese
• Fruitella
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  • Andrew Judware
    Andrew Judware

    Never touch your teacher's food.

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    Kp Singh

    123 Go

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    Kiki Ngwenya

    I wish l could do that awsome

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    muhinah kemanggisan

    Hey thats too over laping because she too be in love with alex rite soo if you have a crush with alex then u have too be nice too the other one pls dont be rude☺

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    Chee Foong Chan

    I love it

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    Alexandria Yancey

    Just a pink spot Just use whiteout!

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    jose joseph

    I am in 3th class l can't do it

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      jose joseph

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      jose joseph

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      jose joseph

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    Julie Clarke

    that girl in the front is mean

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      niduoe stre

      just stop with the cheatsheats

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      niduoe stre

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    Jasmine B

    Sukhman l love

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    what is the point of this if you cant even go to school/college

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    • Joanna

      i love it i will subscrib

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    Maggie Davis

    one teacher would always leave someone else in charge while they leave the classroom for any necessary wisin and to the teacher would for you on a computer or taking a test and and doing calls and s*** okay and the teacher would bring them students they walking around with a handbag that's white made from s*** you had at home okay does they do have extra unless they sell went to the salvation army and drop it off there okay show The saint I need to go in the classroom I know and teacher would say if he was still in swerve to do it to each other they were telling him to shut up or something please stop cuz that's a disturbance of the classroom and they would probably invited them up

  • Mariano David
    Mariano David



    *hotslut.ru?v=COtpuAMGEM8* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="315">5:15</a>

  • Pup Pals
    Pup Pals

    Really I thought this was pranks not stress whatevers

  • Tina U
    Tina U

    Do you guys realize that absolutely NO college kids watch these videos? It's mostly kids. Kind getting a little inappropriate for your young audiences. Should probably review what your putting out there.


    don't cheat

  • Madison Peoples
    Madison Peoples

    just stop with the cheatsheats

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  • youtube5552471 DJ
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    Myana Gillmore

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